I recently attended a great fetish party. I was accompanied by two incredibly sexy topless boys in black masks and leather pants. The party was hosted by a sexy chick who later told me : “Wow, you are surrounded by really hot guys!” I simply said “Thank You!” and kept it to myself that I purposely chose my slaves er.. dates to impress her.
There are more subtle ways to get the attention of girls. If incredibly hot guys are not your usual acoutrement, the next best thing is a puppy. It is a well known fact in the fast-seduction circles that puppies are a surefire way to meet chicks. Andy Richter ruled the universe with a stylish coat made out of dogs. I cannot remember if he got the attention of that hot co-worker, the puppy suit, however stayed burned into my mind.

At that same fetish party I noticed a demure long haired blonde girl. She looked somewhat shy and geeky with her glasses. She had a leashed puppy and was walking him around all evening (puppy = large burly man walking on all fours with dog hood and paw mittens) They looked like they were from two different worlds. I am still beating myself up for not talking to her. Maybe she brought along a puppy just so girls would talk to her… So I should definately have introduced myself and asked to pet her puppy 🙂

Okay, if you think dressing your boyfriend as a puppy is silly than you may change your mind once you see people who dress their puppies like their boyfriend!