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Month: January 2006

Unexpected Sex: The Metro Advert

Free Sex for Women AdAs you can see the sex IS free!!! A lot of my admiration for sex has to do with the fact that it’s free, it’s the last free thing… really we already pay for water; air, however, is not worth paying for. Sunshine: we run away from! But when you think about it, SEX might just be what people spend the most money on, because everything is marketed to bring more sex into the lives of horny young people.

The Kinquallerie: Yet another wanking system…

January means it’s time to hunt the web for people’s pictures of the AVN show in Las Vegas. I am especially interested in the toys & products section. Here is an interesting novelty from Japan. Many companies have tried to create a masturbation machine and I don’t think this one will be any more or less popular. I really enjoyed reading the website. Very classy but the English is funny.

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